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5 ringgit,We provide Licensed Registered Agent services to ensure your company remains in Good Standing. The Registered Agent provides the Registered Office address and has the responsibility for liaising with the Companies Registry.

jdb download site,The Registered Agent is responsible for safe custody and update of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Register of Shareholders, the Register of Directors, copies of all resolutions, notices and filings produced by the company.

winbox88agent commission,We provide Registered Agent services for your IBC/ Ltd to ensure your company remains in Good Standing at the Companies Registry. To transfer the registered agent to ourselves we will require a copy of the original documents showing the directors and shareholders.

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  • Retaining your company name in the register
  • Resolution for the change of resident agent.
  • Preparation and change the memorandum
  • Preparation of transfer application
  • Submission of transfer applications to the registry
  • Transfer out fee charged by your current Registered Agent
  • Company Search to ascertain documents and standing
  • Notary fees
  • Due-Diligence fee on the Directors and Shareholders
  • Confirmation of Registered Office for documentation
  • Extract from the Register of Directors
  • Extract from the Shareholder Register

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  • 2021 Annual maintenance fee – Includes first year of resident Registered Agent and Registered Office service


Written request is sent to the current Registered Agent, asking him to resign and pass the administration of your company to our Registered Agent. We draft the Directors Resolution to change the address of the Registered Office and Registered Agents.,casino online european roulette

who will win world cup 2018,A transfer out fee may be charged by your current Registered Agent.

football odds,Although the change of Registered Agent is fairly straightforward, clients acting in bad faith (for instance, trying to avoid the payment of past-due company agent fees) will encounter difficulties, they may find that no other Registered Agent is willing to accept the administration of their company.

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combodia 4d,To start the transfer process email us the name of your company, we will initially undertake a Company Search to prepare the company resolution and contact the current registered agent.

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  • Company Search to ascertain documents and standing
  • Transfer-Out fee charged by your current Registered Agent
  • Due diligence for new Shareholders and Directors
  • Registered Office / Registered Agent 12 months fee
  • Directors Register Maintenance fee